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Welcome to the website of Bulkeley and Ridley Parish Council which is the first level of Local Government under the auspices of Cheshire East Borough Council.

This site provides a means of keeping local residents up to date on Parish Council matters. We shall still continue to publish hard copies of notices and news on notice boards in Bulkeley and Ridley for those who do not have access to a computer but the electronic dissemination of information is quick and easy, it is simple to keep up to date, and it is effective especially if it is interactive. This format also allows the Parish Council to publish its accounts and offers transparency and clarity in particular over financial matters, planning recommendations and decisions affecting the residents of Bulkeley and Ridley.

We hope that you find the contents informative and useful and welcome you to contact us with your feedback.

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Ruth Shackleton
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Langdale, Sarn,
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The villages of Bulkeley & Ridley are part of the unitary authority of East Cheshire.

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